Can I take Moringa supplement on an empty stomach?


Yes, you can take it on an empty stomach as it best time of the day and absorbs in a better way. Although, you can take it any time of the day. Moreover, these trees are planted near open wells so Moringa leaf powder has the ability to suck and store of the water & toxins in its trunk.


How much Moringa powder is healthy in a day?


With a rough estimation, to make one pound (1lbs), it takes 7 fresh leaves to dry and ground. However, some people take 1 teaspoon and some people intake more than it. There is no harm of using it.


Does Moringa Oleifera reduce blood sugar?


Amazingly, Moringa Oleifera helps to control blood sugar level. Research says that 30 women who took 1.5 teaspoons (7g) of Moringa leaf powder daily got results on average of 13.5%.


Will heating moringa powder lose its vitamins/supplements?


Likewise, the other nourishments, heating the powder can decrease the vitamin or moringa supplement. But as a matter of fact, is this superfood is already rich in nutrients. So, heating will give you dietary advantages.

For ideal outcomes, we recommend you to blend/sprinkle the powder into your meals after cooking. So, in that case, it will not lose the moringa supplement.


What does Moringa accomplish for the body?


The leaves of this miracle plant have significant nutrients in the form of vitamins & minerals which helps to build muscles and heals the body.