Who isn’t familiar with the very famous HGGM PVT LTD? Yes, you got it right, the HAFEEZ ghee & general mills. The success story of HGGM is not hidden to anyone. HGGM manufacturing unit was established in 1989 in Multan. But, our endless passion & hard work gave us success. However, HGGM was incorporated in August 1994. With the passage of time, the building, the plant, the machinery, and the equipments are being upgraded under an agreement with Associated Industries Limited (AIL), Nowshera. Now, we have our manufacturing plants all over Pakistan. For this reason, we stand among the top 10 companies of the stock exchange in Pakistan.

HGGM intend to become the business tycoon. And, now we are witnessing its phenomenal growth. HGGM, as a market leader, is now leading a chain of different projects as International Multi Group of Companies:

  • Shama Banaspati Ghee & Cooking Oil
  • Wiz wash

After the success of both projects, we are introducing our new project “SANO”.


We, BENESSERE HEALTH COMPANY (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a very well-known business star of Pakistan, are launching a brand name” SANO”. The sole purpose behind SANO is to provide the people of Pakistan a platform of less expensive herbal food range with high nutrients. Herbs are the gift of nature. But, it’s very unfortunate that we are deprived of such a precious blessing. Everything has a worth in this universe, and this is why SANO is here to provide you with quality herbs to take care of your health effectively with hypertension, high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, & many more.

These days, many herbs are being used as remedies for many conditions like allergies, skin infections and many more. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to deliver  natural herbal foods to our consumers in order to make them capable of fighting against various oxidative and inflammatory diseases, made with miraculous plant “Moringa Oleifera” for nutritional purpose. We sell the best Moringa in Pakistan. So, you can get high quality Moringa supplements from sano.pk at very cheap prices, with 100% pure Moringa. Therefore, we list prices in kgs for best measurement for you and your ease so it is easier when buying online. So, moringa benefits for hair are easy to avail. Moreover, even moringa benefits for men are quite famous.

Moringa Oleifera tree which grows in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and other tropical regions. Because it is a miracle to have such a tree. So, as it is a small tree that grows at really fast rates which have leaves with very nutritious vegetables. Therefore Moringa benefits for hair are unaccountable. It is a drought-resistant tree. Related to the family of Moringaceae. So, It is also known as drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or Benzolive tree. One single origin of Moringa farm is providing high-quality blades. To make sure 100% pureness and 100% natural. So, we dehydrate these blades carefully at low temperatures. Moreover, Moringa Oleifera is such a blessing and the moringa benefits for hair are remarkable. Like the leaves, the barks, the flowers, the fruits, the seeds, and the roots are a great addition to medicines. Moreover, Moringa benefits for men is quite useful.